California Secretary of State

Clean 2 to 12 year old shelf companies for less.

Information on The California Secretary of State

California Secretary of State Aged shelf corporations and LLC’s offer no tax advantages. We’re not attorneys. We’re not tax advisors.

California Quick Reference

California Main State Website

Corporations & LLC’s
  • California Corp Web site
    Check for name availability for Corporations

  • Laws concerning LLC Secretary of State of California – Sec 17000 et seq

  • cgi-bin/calawquery? codesection=corp&codebody =&hits=All
  • Forms, Samples, & Fees
  • List of Filing Fees of California Secretary of State 

  • Online filing of statements -$25 fee
  • Annual/Biennial Statements

Corporations– Forms Fees Instructions

Articles of Incorporation Domestic – $100 most types
Articles of Incorporation Domestic Non Profit – $30

Building Corporate Credit

Preparation for the building of corporate credit:
  • Lenders require full transparency. This means your name is listed on the public record.
  • Don’t use a nominee officer/contract officer if you’re applying for California Secretary of State corporate credit.

  • Lenders prefer shelf companies that are at least two years old.

  • File the WY company in your home state as a foreign corporation
  • Obtain a commercial address where you intend to do California Business Entity Search.

  • Obtain the phone number, using the commercial address as the billing address
  • Register business phone number with 411 information services

  • Be honest on all applications for credit
  • You’re ready! Start building business credit. Call 307.237.2580 for a referral.

Order Procedure
  • Choose the shelf corporation or shelf LLC for acquisition

  • We send a custom order form
  • You approve the order and fax to our number, 702.920.8824
  • We process the order after receiving payment
  • The documents we have on file are sent via USPS Express Mail
  • We order a new set of documents from the Secretary of State
  • You provide an updated list of officers and the new shelf company address

  • You apply for the EIN and the bank account.
  • You file the company in California Secretary of State, if that’s where you intend to do business, and update that information with us.